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I am a Content writer and a storyteller based in Africa I write compelling , heart wrenching and impacting Content .  

I don't just write story I tell them the way it is supposed to be by making sure the readers are moved and captivated , Choosing me means you are not settling for less and know what you are in for . Also a experienced , research oriented and versatile virtual assistant and engaging storyteller .

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To prove those are not mere words you can see for yourself .

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Human As Social Animal

Human As Social Animal As human we tend to want to be around people . Aristotle the Greek philosopher said "man by nature is a social animal ". Man cannot help but live among people , man can't help but be drawn to people such is the way the brain has been wired to be . Despite sometimes wanting to be alone , loneliness creep in and he feels all forms of despair simply because he isn't among a society that can wire him to be the best version of himself . We can say human are social animal right from birth ,the need to learn what it means to walk , talk , eat and sleep has been one of the instinct of man ways of surviving in the society . Human have been wired that way because we are drawn to each other emotion ,customs , tradition ,and are curious about what we are ignorant about and all these shape you into who you will become . Human are one of the most social specie on planet Earth and as time goes on the brain will continue and still continue to expand ISIAKA Mariam Pen name @Belleisiaq
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After racking his brain, he came up with none , "well sweet brother, I started softly, the answer is simple, just tell God to protect the homeless" and lo and behold! He replied "Are there homeless people? I never knew we have some..." Innocence is beautiful because it keeps you from knowing about the ugly truth about life , but sorry to break it to you sweetie of course there are homeless people living under the bridge, beside the gutter , inside a dilapidated building ,outside the street. It

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